Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Reflections on My Media Processes

Media processes have changed drastically since I was a young one wading my way through the media world. Here are some general “before-after” progressions.

Writing (positive) – Will always take pen/pencil to paper here. I used to type (…or “finger hammer”) on non-electric typewriter and now on computer w/ voice recognition plus mobile phone (also voice recognition) then type traditionally when editing. Only real negative is tiny phone keyboard, which I never use anymore. Computer typing still a bit frustrating on my laptop, especially when the cursor vertically jumps lines, which a customer service rep will never admit me anyway.

Web (mostly positive) – Personal voice recognition assistants enhance the experience. Used to actively type in URL and now QR codes, links and some augmented reality have improved the access experience. An invaluable research resource that gets progressively better tools though I have to wade through more. Thankfully reviews, recommendations, and social media often help in personal decision making for supplementary tools, so I can concentrate on writing and communicating about my main media. Mistakes from coding have built an unreliable system that no longer focusing on fixing them completely since it's getting increasingly impossible to do. A higher degree of error is becoming more prevalent. From fixes to patches to the more positive updates - the terms reflect the overall norm.

Music (positive) - a big area for me ranging from 8-tracks and cassette tape to skipping CDs to mp3s...from my car stereo that automatically advanced among songs to mobile music with my shuffle and iPhone. I still like my own collection on its own external drive instead of cloud storage/iTunes for more control. I love other media experiences using music like the games RocksmithBeatles Rock Band,  and where I can actually practice typing at the same time and learn different instrument parts from songs I love, which helps with the work in my band.

Games (positive) – I started playing games by typing in code on my Apple IIc or cousin’s Commodore 64 supplied by various computer gaming magazines then play the games…well, the ones that worked (could never get that skiing one to go). Now I play on computer/every console (regular and handheld) except the console except the Xbox One & 360. Better designed controls and improving visuals sharpen what could soon reflect real life resolution…only worth it if the created experience is worthy.

Phone (mostly positive) – Audio interactions are largely the same with improving voice recognition refining the process and trailblazing new telemarketing methods. Video phone interactions using FaceTime/Skype and caller ID are invaluable to my life and culture. Telemarketers mainly harass and bother instead of respect and inform. It’s very sad when most numbers’ voicemails immediately explain how to got off the call list instead of initially explaining what their organization actually does.

Video (positive) – actual interactions have not changed much though the furniture has gotten more comfortable. Everyone strives for a home theater experience where bonus features and commentary options have refined the experience. Still enjoying 3D (in theaters). With big budgets come big responsibilities as big productions like Spider-Man have endured and set the tone for the industry. Private productions has boomed with YouTube platforms while streaming platforms NetFlix and HuluPlus are prompting even more original while every big company seeks their own streaming service. Progressively better offerings though I have to wade through more content.

What will the future hold? 
Will the future complicate even more or refine? 
What have been and are your processes?

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