Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wilson's Final Days - Intro

Wilson and House both ride their motorcycles until dark fulfilling their unspoken need to get as far away from their past lives as possible. Wilson lives life with his death as an imminent threat. He has terminal cancer from no fault of his own. His only remaining questions are when and where his life ends.

The couple secures their bikes at a high end hotel for their first night on this unique trip.

“Arrangements have been made. I’ll get picked up (pauses and laughs) wherever we are …just don’t embarrass me…or yourself for that matter,” Wilson says to House who cannot draw any attention to himself any way.

House produced his situation – deceased doctor who made some serious waves. Now he is responsible for the total health care for Wilson as well as the psychological, social and spiritual support.

Wilson and “guest” check into the hotel as the clerk quickly clacks on her computer then hands them a key card for room 145. A first floor room by request.

“You didn’t want a higher floor for more privacy?” House asks Wilson as they enter the hotel elevator.

“Are you asking for me or you?” replies Wilson as he quips ‘I’m not a leper. I just want some comfort.’…in his mind.

House carries an unusually large amount of luggage into the room as Wilson secures the door and forces a relieved smile.

“What’s in the bag?” Wilson asks.

“You haven’t got time for the pain,” says House as he flops a heavy duffel bag on the coffee table.

Wilson opens the bag and finds it full of morphine.

House looks at him with a partial grin as he slides his watch off his wrist and throws it in another duffel bag.

“You too,” House says as he playfully points his index finger at Wilson. “Are you ready?” 

“Yes, will you be ready?” says Wilson as he throws his watch in House’s other duffel bag.

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