Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fun Fiction - Wilson's Final Days

I'm starting a series continuing the end of the House television series where House and Wilson ride down the road in the motorcycles with one on the lam and the other with a terminal disease. Based on the experiences and knowledge from watching the TV series, this fictional series will explore the characters and their unique situations. Readers won't have to be fans of the show to enjoy the series either...

I'm definitely no House expert, but I've watched the seasons enough where the basic setup of two best friends and the comfort of one knowing he has an expert doctor watching his back as his life ends...though this tumultuous doctor has had a checkered past; this new chance at a new life might quell any erratic behavior that included assault, drug abuse, driving through his ex-girlfriend's house, and many other memorable moments. The situation is not fun, but writing it sure is. I hope you enjoy the series, which will post among my regular posts.

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