Thursday, September 4, 2008

media caters to you

All the recent political pandering/rhetoric, the media and the fighting between both entities has honed in perspectives on audiences. No matter what the situation, the old show biz adage applies - "give the people what they want."

Like politics, the media continues striving to meet every want and/or desire. The new Madden NFL 09 video game boasts it's the "first sports game that adapts to YOU". Candidates do whatever is necessary to reach every voter possible based on in-depth research, consultation and media coverage/impact.

I thought of Psalm 119:36 - Turn my heart toward your [God's] statutes and not toward selfish gain as I continue to sway in the waves of the modern world. God's wishes and desires must come before our own. No political analyst or game developer knows us better than God.

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