Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to show God's love

I recently had the idea of making a family/home movie film festival near the area we used to live. Not sure when it's going to happen ( coordinating with my brother who is in the area), but have such excitement in the planning and execution of the event (probably in the early winter/late when the roads would still be good, but when the cold weather keeps people indoors). It made me think more about how I use media to show God's love and how to send and receive that love.

I also thought of all the life coach training experience I have. Continuing to pray whether I need to enact more of that experience or wait until God prompts me to. There are so many studies out there. Some basic... then some very detailed. Our family is currently reading "The Shack" for our family study, something we have not done in a long time.

So lately several home, work, writing and professional projects have been going extremely well. Of course, something usually has to give... this time it is my regular running routine. Every other day is the goal now when it used to be daily. Have to find a balance between all these projects, but it's so hard to let go because I am making so much progress. Looking at home videos with family and friends lately I've noticed my midsection is starting to, well I call it get worse I guess. With the way my schedule is now, I understand that I need to take any opportunity I get to go run and possibly start early in the morning before work, which was one schedule I wanted to avoid.

Following the Bible and God's calling me to do is the primary goal. Everything will work out as He wills, which is likely going to lead to the next study we do as a family. You can't presume to know God's thoughts, but how do we determine what he wants us to do in our life besides regular prayer and following the Bible. With so much media out there about this subject (and new discoveries I find for myself are notable, but then hard to not investigate once I've found them), I have learned to follow my instincts instead overwhelming my senses with options.

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