Friday, August 29, 2008

Free time

This summer has been a blessed experience with my newborn daughter and so many experiences - mostly outside my house, so my blog has experienced less entries this summer than the past. I thought how refreshing this time was for me, but still look forward to continuing the path of life and how media relates to it.

So many recent events have filled our time - the olympics, elections and upcoming football. All these experiences help build a sense of community in our nation, state and town while we watch in our "free time". I have a more personal involvement being in my fifth straight fantasy league with my family which almost can give me an excuse for cruising the Web looking and learning about the game to give me that competitive advantage. Everyone has a desire to win. It's human nature. So when is it enough? Do I need a timer? When a family member tells me to stop?

Knowing the "proper time" in my life seems to be whenever family allows, so I gleefully take that time to engage in entertaining experiences of my choice. I find myself actually lining up movies to watch, games to play, etc., so I'm ready when the time comes instead of being ready for God because all of my time is His.

Shared experiences are great, but the phrase "free time" still lingers with me. It feels like ownership many times. It feels like an opportunity, but we're never quite satisfied no matter how many activities we experience.

Ecclesiastes 8:5 says "Whoever obeys His command will come to no harm, and the wise heart will know the proper time and procedure." This verse hold the key - God fulfills!

Listening and obeying God instead of focusing on my own desires always creates a great challenge. I succeed with God though His tally is still behind in my personal score tally. Thankfully, God forgives.

Now another key question - will watching "Christian" films and playing "Christian" games like the upcoming Guitar Praise help offset my media frenzies?...I suppose it all comes down to our bodies/minds belonging to God and filling them with appropriate media materials. More to follow on this point...

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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