Saturday, September 27, 2008

the video gamer

Recently, professional video gamers have received wider exposure due to the new contestant on the CBS television show Survivor: Gabon named Ken, who befriended a female teammate then proceeded to confess that he has not kissed a girl since he was in high school. You know, the stereotypical, isolated geek who plays 12 hours at a day… or that's what people would have you think. It basically comes down to control and how people control their time. The more time you spend in one area, typically the better you are at that area. Pretty simple, but life never is simple.

Who is to say he's not playing those games only when his friends are online. I know I usually don't play online games unless my family members and friends are also logged in with me. Technology closes the great divide as we can communicate (chatting options) and be entertained (the explosions, the high speed racing, etc.) at the same time. Video games might also give can account for four people who might make fun of his lanky physical appearance. It basically comes down to hanging out with people who dislike you or hanging out with people who like you or don't know you enough to dislike you. Do we love the things that comfort us or do we love God? God does not always come first in these scenarios, but daily decisions can improve when consulting then obeying the Bible and relating the scenarios to God’s wishes and glory instead of our own.

So back to Ken’s explanation and how it relates to ourselves. Do we explain desires away with other desires in a constant circle? Do we do what feels good and “right”? Do we avoid social situations when God convicts us to witness or show his glory or do we miss our chances because we’re so enamored with media and other desires? Does desire on top of desire hide the real truth at the bottom core of our lives?

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