Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Blizzard of 2008"

Thanks to the wonders of technology (a.k.a. Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 - had 5 on my desktop before, but it's great to have something on the laptop), I can now blog with voice recognition software, which save a lot of time. writing has become one of the main activities this weekend because we have been snowed in. I was five when the blizzard of 1978 hit Northwest Ohio (I'm in West Central Ohio now). Columbus is getting hit pretty hard too. Media has been a great activity during this time, keeping me connected with the outside world when I can't physically see them in person. So many little projects have been eliminated from my to-do list. Really enjoyed watching Dan in Real Life with the family last night and am currently wading among a sea of choices for tonight's entertainment. Often more media makes the choices difficult at times like this. You see the opportunity to enjoy quality media and your mind overloads with options. Perhaps, good old-fashioned board games and other things you might find when you're snowed in a cabin would be better for tonight. We'll see what happens.

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