Saturday, February 9, 2008

Legacy Meaning

With a fantastic Super Bowl behind us and the nagging possibility of getting some of my writing pitched/produced during the writer's strike (very outside chance - I've decided shaping some of my screenplay drafts/ideas as a book first might be better), I thought what kind of legacy I would leave with this work.

Maybe a family member would find a contact who would then produce it after I'm long gone. Maybe I should spend all my free time completing as many as possible, then send them out and see what happens. Maybe I should concentrate all my energy on one marketable idea.

Eventually I find it's fruitless to worry about this situation because I'm not the only one controlling it. God is the true one controlling everything. Several people play a role in that control.

I wondered what kind of media legacy I would leave behind when my life on earth is done. Whether on paper or videotape, I thought about what I would think, then what others might think.

I'm glad my home movie collection equals my recently reduced home video/DVD collection. I enjoy both, but didn't have anything to do with the production of the Hollywood home video collection.

We get new understanding about ourselves when we interact and experience life. So many experiences. When you're on a big stage like the Patriots are/were or trying to break into Hollywood that understanding process can be overwhelming.

People naturally concentrate on the great, the extraordinary...even the interesting, which determines what is great, extraordinary or interesting. This question isn't a trick. We shape the world, but it's not definite, especially in the fickle media world.

Definites come when we see something connect with us. Something fantastic that we might never achieve ourselves, but we could at least catch a glimpse of that feeling, that status, that joyous victory of life.

One interesting fact a friend of mine recently pointed out to me. The Miami Dolphins still have the undefeated season, but does any one remember that it was the Oakland Raiders that broke their undefeated streak in the second game of next year's season? the way, Miami still went on to win the Super Bowl the season after with only two losses all year. People just remember Miami's perfect experience where they conquered life and found rare victory.

The one thing we all want is to be our loved people we know. Legacy has deep meaning because we want to feel our life experience meant something during our time here. That it meant something to others.

I'm also wrestling with another interesting point/dilemna - once we're gone, media can continue our legacy (think the movie My Life). It can extend our chances of making a difference to loved ones and many other people. Some people may only get a video will or a farewell presentation etched on media in their lifetime. Others gets 100s of hours of footage. It may not always be as entertaining as a Hollywood movie, but it retains much more personal meaning to us.

How would remaining family member, friends and other people use/make decisions about that media? So many questions there. Media can give individuals more power to shape/influence life choose a glimpse to show people.

My goal is to be in heaven. One of the first activities I would choose would be to watch all my life (the good and the bad), peoples' reactions/connections to other people's lifes and continuing life experiences. God has everything there. Hope you liked this one - didn't have many links on this one.


Bethany Woolf said...

I did like this one: I will be thinking about how we all want to be remembered and thinking about how our lives and the things we do connect with others.

Tall Writer said...

Our home movies and memorabilia projects have definitely taken a higher priority this winter. I hope to keep improving on this work while considering how we'll be remembered not just by family, but people in general. More than I might think ("It's a Wonderful Life" comes to mind again)