Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Build-up/Tear Down

Our sin issues are a constant battle, but lately I've reflected on the "build-up/tear down" process. The celebrity tabloids. The political process. The gossip mills. Ideally, we would be a community who constantly supports each other; discusses our issues openly and stays impartial. We all know that does not happen because sin is in our world. God is our ultimate judge, but the way we can lash out at each other often baffles me. At first I tried to analyze my audience and probe them for constructive criticism. What are you seeing in me that I’m not? Why did you do that? Next I would try to explain. Here is the reason for that. I didn’t hear you say that. 

Now the situations occur naturally and resolve/remain as they must. I have to be right with God first. I don’t expect apologies or understanding nor hold hard grudges or seek retribution no matter the justification on either side. Then the sides come down. I have felt I channel that anger and ill will feelings in positive ways, but now don’t have to reserve it all anymore. I don’t have to remind myself of the slander, ridicule or absolute hate. I still try to look at my past without regret, but as a constant lesson and keep an open mind to the Holy Spirit’s workings. I constantly thank God for his support. It’s amazing to experience your limits then see God break through them with amazing grace, forgiveness, and uplifting comfort. Seek His love.

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