Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Most People Are Not Dependable

…We aren’t always worthy of trust and have to admit that. We don’t want to admit it. …we are fallible, imperfect, vulnerable, and mistake-prone plus every situation is different with varying demands and expectations. It’s healthy overall to admit/accept it and remind ourselves on a daily basis. Most people don’t want to disappoint other people and are positive about people coming to them for help and knowledge when/if they accept the call. 

Dependability bonds relationships in the social realm. Statistics and reputation Like anything, people can abuse dependability on both sides, which touches the realm of our constant power issues that touches everything else. Dependability deserves separate attention because it’s important. Keep your promises. No excuses. Be on time. Be responsible/credible. Be like an anchor. Never waver. Follow through. The only thing I can depend on 100% is God. His love is always faithful as we can confess all our wrongs to Him.  I can count on God for everything.

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