Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wilson’s Final Days – Stage 2 (Section 2)

 ...continued from Stage 2 (Section 1)

“What, you don’t like the road choices?” says House.

“Newfound Gap Road (US 441), then Blue Ridge Parkway, and Skyline Drive? What’s not to like? It’s a dream trip! No billboards. No traffic lights or roadside trash. No 18 wheelers – perfect for us intermediate riders. And, I always wanted to see the Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah National Park plus we get in …let’s see 32, 469 and 105…a little over 600 miles!” says Wilson.

“No hiking either,” says House as he hops on one foot out of the posh hotel bathroom while brushing his teeth. 

“No reservations. We stop when we want. I have all the accommodations mapped out.

Wilson’s adrenaline was high. “This is beyond great. I’m so excited. How long would Blue Ridge be if we rode straight through?”

House continues packing as Wilson slowly kneels down on the floor.

“About 12 hours, but…,” House stops speaking as he glares at Wilson. ‘This trip is over before it starts’ House thinks.

“Don’t worry. I’m just praying,” says Wilson.

“To Mecca?!?,” sarcastically quips House.
Wilson and House check out and hit the road quickly. Wilson is wearing his McGill University sweatshirt, leather jacket and jeans while House carries his leather jacket over his shoulder as they stroll over to their motorcycles. 
Wilson basks in the fresh air, which is only slightly cold as they enjoy the morning ride. At their first stop, House coaches Wilson on their approach with simplistic quips like “We are not doctors. You are Wilson and I am House.”

The duo mows down fresh deli-style turkey sandwiches with vegetables. 

“I got this every time,” House says to Wilson as the waitress waves the check in front of them. Wilson slowly smiles.

Wilson continues his morning bask as he surveys. ‘It’s the people that make life great’, Wilson thinks as House tries to read his mind.

No way he will guess a final show/tour with House and all their close colleagues singing karoke on stage during a night out in a smoky bar/restaurant . Wilson sings alone on stage then House suddenly playing piano as Chase sings “Amazing Grace”.

Wilson ends the fantasy. 

“No beef jerky,” says House as they walk towards the nearby gift shop. “…though it would be a great survival food if we got stranded.”

“Fat chance. We can’t go 4 miles without a food source,” says Wilson.

House still continues his parental tirade about Wilson’s food limitations. “Let’s not load up on all those cheeses and jams either. Schaum torte all the way!”

“Cider sounds good,” says Wilson as he bites into a beef jerky stick that he just bought. “Oh, what do we do about a cop stop?”

“I’m a fugitive. I’ll be packing heat,” says House who just snuck behind a shelf.

Wilson chorts as House pops into view posing with a toy cap gun with an orange plastic cap at the end.
House and Wilson end their stop staring at the mountains. They are awe struck and increasingly oblivious to other people around them. 

House and Wilson collectively end their viewing. House quickly looks at Wilson wagging his finger at him to say “No hiking!”

“Fish!,” says Wilson.

“Nah,” replies House. “How about a shooting range? Or we could…, aahhh.”

House sees Wilson pointing at a man carrying a tray of fresh fish over toward the restaurant.

House keeps a playful attitude without condescension towards Wilson. He does not feel like a caretaker any more. 

Wilson keeps smiling the same way as he did in the restaurant when he was engrossed in his karaoke fantasy.

“I’m sure you have some great plans already House,” says Wilson as he finally stops pointing. 

House flashes a memorable smile while lifting a pre-paid cell phone to his mouth. “Two words – Monster. Jam.”

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