Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Work Life Media

Have a politically themed posting today (yeah, rare I know) stemming from a Morning Edition story on Obama and Romney (our likely presidential choices) make their respective points about higher education (loan rates, etc.) when I hear Romney take a swipe at Obama for the following statistic: 50% of current graduates cannot find jobs. The political system, economy, and president can be blamed sure, but what about our part? How much time do we spend on our work life? I know God guided my opportunities and work life. He pushed me into many situations out of my comfort zone that I did not envision. My ideal path was the path of least resistance. Ultimately, most work lives do not match the major with the profession/skills. I also do not see enough focus on vocational skills where much needed skilled professions like agriculture and tool and die workers are being developed – a vital economic asset as companies bring overseas jobs back here. Current media tools can always be focused more towards our work life and yielding results and less on work situations that satisfy our social/entertainment desires. Professions in these areas are fine, but more focus on manufacturing and products that benefit our livelihoods is desperately needed. Using media to understand work life systems (using various methods – I’m also looking into some game theory) can blend all these areas and equal our focus and yield real, tangible benefits free from skewed statistics because they benefit other people’s lives.

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