Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Media Match Series (wait!!...no match)-Oscar Nominees (The Descendants)

I tried to match up a film with the Best Picture & multiple Oscar nominee The Descendants, but nothing really comes to mind right away. This film has solid strengths everywhere. Such a unique film. The film has such an easy-going tone in a documentary type deal.  You never feel any moment is fake. The strong acting sustains an impressive steady screenplay. Audiences can revel in the lush landscapes as clouds cover the sun then reveal the sun again. I finally figured out how one to describe this movie after seeing it last Monday. The Descendants is a uniquely original about responsibility...how we are possible for our actions and our lives. 

 The relationships reach many levels but the interesting part of this film, which can’t really be categorized, is coming to the realization of caring for others.  It’s not about legacy, it’s not about how rich and/or responsible George Clooney’s character Matt is. We are all responsible for what happens to us personally and what that means. 

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