Friday, May 29, 2009

Media Man

Today the masculine approach in the media can have interesting spins. On one hand, the male dominated world is evident a lot in marketing media, then you see your typical “caveman” male who doesn’t know what he does, usually resulting in a comic situation with an outrageous visual gag.

If we don’t ask why before we implement or engage media, does this media shape masculinity for us males? All media aside, most issues among men can arise when it bothers the offender/attacker, not the target. It’s even easier to attack when you’re not face-to-face, an unfortunate condition that infects society with misunderstandings, bad communication and snide actions.

It’s not until a man is willing to test himself in the world beyond cyberspace and Halo rooms that he truly gets life experience needed for true understanding, community awareness (locally and globally) and respect.

Respect is demanded, but there are so many eager earn that respect in a Godly way and instead judge or condemn others to make themselves appear to be better…our own self imposed marketing plan where too many men feel like they’re better than they are. This silent code where men secretly watch another man fail instead of picking them up and helping them grows very tiring.

Inexperienced males want to run things and not be told what to do. They communicate power, selfishness, bullying and violence to the world, which the media ignites and promotes throughout the world because it gets the most attention. What about volunteers, fathers and men fighting to provide for families and other people? Do they lose the battle because they’re not media savvy? We just don’t hear about them until we get beyond media cyberspace and the Halo rooms. The better question is – do these men, who find meaningful, fruitful relationships face-to-face really care if they’re not “media savvy”.

Men also need to understand women and vice versa instead of trying to “self-promote” themselves, a term made famous by Steve Koppelman. Boosting ourselves can feel good, but does it really help others without a positive real world perspective. Then we can have meaningful relationships by using media for great things instead of misguided detriment. The true heroes have the best promoter they could ever want…God. We men can’t be these heroes all the time, but trying selflessly every day certainly puts the “all powerful” in perspective.

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