Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rapid Fire interface

Media often creates excitement and high interest, which drives many audiences to divulge, spread, inherit, assimilate and experience as much media as possible. Currently experiencing some of that with recent film/video game reviews I'm working on. Fast paced action was a common theme in my work experience too (mainly in PR firms). Being on the cutting edge with the latest technology at college was exciting too. That sense of knowledge, power and privilege comes at a cost when we don't appreciate the sources or put our own wants in front of God/other people. There's a few interesting sites out here and there. Most sites like and Internet Movie Database (great for research film AND video games) are great resources, but sometimes overwhelming. I often use my train of thought (memories, nostalgia, conversations with friends, etc.)to point me to a specific media, then I go to the Web/research. I guess I have more control and it means more that way. Random events create excitement too - just found this former blog (ironically on blogspot), which is coincidentally pretty similar to mine.

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