Friday, October 26, 2007's been a whle

After many media missions, it's time to blog again!

Media has become so useful in our time - if you stop and think about it. Many of the uses aren't even conceived by the original creators or can be applied in other areas of our lives - like work, perhaps. I've been using the Big Brain Academy Nintendo DS game to memorize six digits numbers, so I'm able to remember part numbers better.

Films like Renaissance and television shows like The Office have really put my faith back in storytelling media after experience stinkers like The Comebacks. This week's media within the media on the Office was great. Their commercial was definitely better and Michael's characters arc continues, though I wanted to see more of Jan after the previous week's train box car talk with Michael (just when I was ready to totally write her off). Movie fans voted correctly by not rewarding The Comebacks with box office booty - please do the same for Saw IV!! Until next time.

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