Saturday, January 10, 2015

Football Fever in Ohio

Many people in the area are hoping the Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Oregon Ducks in the NCAA college football championship Monday night, which results from the first modern college football playoff system. If you're an Ohio resident, then you definitely have some experience/views towards the game because it is impossible to avoid it. Anyone can get caught up in the sporting spirit. It can definitely be a community builder. I recently talked to store owners who had a limited supply "Buckeye" related items to offer customers. One seemed to feel ashamed that they didn't have more (we only have a cheerleading outfit and popcorn tin, which were both passed on to us)
I'm concentrating on the collective aspect of this phenomenon and how we identify items/media with our inner sporting spirit.

Being on the winning side, getting that exciting thrill, and reliving your own football experiences are other big aspects I have been discussing with others. My darling daughter thinks football is fun...sometimes and her legs hurt when she watches because she sits to much. She likes the "football players' scores". She thinks I like it watch it because it's long and I get to watch it night. She also likes the "pretty sparkles on the floor and the sun reflecting on the grass."

Personally, I haven't had a favorite sports team I actively cheer/support, but enjoy several overall sports and sports-related trips with family. I have too much other knowledge filling my head to devote the team to a favorite. I really enjoyed sports most when I was young and collected sports cards. I spent many hours preserving and perusing them, so I got to be an expert for a while. I met my goals of collecting 10,000 football, baseball, and basketball cards then stopped except for some rare purchases. They are stored now. Waiting for my sports interest to awake enough. Money and value was the initial motivator, but that changed fairly soon after. I feel everything gets revisited and refined in our lives and some point.

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