Monday, July 14, 2014

The feeling of inadequacy is far from the truth...

Do you ever feel inadequate because other people ridicule your words or work? We all have the freedom to express ourselves and people are free to express their ridicule, yet what is the result? It’s easy to label the results negatively on either side (hurt feelings vs. wasting my time, etc.). It goes beyond bullying and power struggles. It’s a formed thought technique.

How do you set your standards to live up to in life? How do you draw on past knowledge to form them? Who assesses them? Hopefully it’s the people who supported you and you consulted with when you formed them. If not, do so. support system, advise from the Bible, real people and other helpful resources like the following:

We always have the power to adjust these standards and prepare for future change with action. Your mistakes don’t make you any less of a person. This mantra can apply to both people in the above example, so use objectivity instead of exclusivity in your thought process. It has helped me greatly. 

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