Friday, August 30, 2013

First Smartphone Experience

Well, after many years, I finally had the opportunity to get my first smartphone, which is also my first personal Apple product, thanks to our new phone contract arrangement (at a minimal cost).

I am definitely going to nickname my phone "Slider" because everywhere I set it down, the phone seems to slide onto the floor. On the sofa. On a table (though sloped a bit). It does not have a protective case yet, which our representative told us to get right away after hearing our wonderful family playing in the background.

One colleagues recently mentioned the key appeal of "smartphones" when describing his iPad - availability. "I always have it around when I need something whether it be research, health, or anything else," he said. I agree. This appeal also helps the success of smartphone products.

I also thought about my stream of consciousness music lists and how I could easily write one for my smartphone. What would yours says?

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