Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Media Satisfaction

It’s always surprising how often I get more satisfaction from converting and organizing media than actually using it sometimes. Our human nature to be the hunter/gatherer has definitely switched to gatherer in recent years. We put a lot of value in media, so we don’t feel important unless we’re doing something with it...and quickly. Indirect contact has become the preferred way to communicate as we lose our skills in formal manners and social prowess. This presumption carries into our world and permeates it. For example, my doctor’s office gave me a blanket contact that included everything but a personal visit. All these multiple phone number and email accounts can be a challenge for people to keep up with. It’s amazing to me what a great effort my doctor’s office made.  Most people wouldn’t bother. They might just call the same number later.

We’re not trying to make things complicated for others, but we are. For example, our media activity needs to be stored somewhere, so companies charge us more to buy more servers. Value in kilobytes has even started to eclipse real money in importance. Slow and steady is the way. No need to jump every time the phone rings. It’s just a tool like everything else. There is always a way to make it work or find an alternative…not just a different brand of phone (thousands of those) – an alternative to phones based on our family, location, workplace, and personal life. Spending time on God’s will/Word and how these tools could fit into my life yields the most satisfaction.

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