Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Media Choice

Categorized organization of media has been an interesting and previous practice in my life. I currently alphabetize everything now, but before I spent hours switching organization and even making contests from them. For example, my brothers and I would have albums "showdowns" in the basement according to most singles released...then sales...then best liked. On and on. Now it seems there is so much more available to the masses that taking the time to think about what we've collected has lost it's meaning.

Friends have discussed how they manage media, but feel less satisfied when they actually get down to experiencing it. "Full-length"? Who has time for that now. We choose not to make the time anymore. There are too many distractions that might give us a better experience, which leads back to the core - our socially crafted methods of choice. Time used to be on our side, but now it's an inconvenience. Media providers want to move people to the next "new" thing. Without relating media experiences to real life or our experiences, we lose the meaning. It just becomes an endless circle a la Seven Degrees to Kevin Bacon.

I attended a party for writing film reviews once. No one had met me before they just knew me by reading my reviews. I enter the party and am quickly addressed as "movie guy". My face soured. I have a name. Movies are great, but they don't define me. I don't want to be know as movie guy. I found "Tall Writer" to be an acceptable alias in this frenzied world, but "movie guy" was too general. I strive to evoke more than just simple trivia and associations. The writing connected to my love of movies creates an amazing feeling when using these God-given talents.

My wife and I are currently discussing our Netflix queue. She mentioned starting the queue over from scratch. I thought so we could repopulate it with what we really want (cough, "13 Assassins") while she thought we could reorganize it...alphabetically.

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