Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I do not know how the Harry Potter series ends

...for that reason, I am starting to get more excited about the final film. It's baffling to people when I tell them. How could someone miss out on such a huge media craze - in print and on screen?!? It did not really change me at all until I saw the HP films passed the James Bond/007 film series for best British box office ever. James Bond ignited my attention to detail and passion for gadgetry, so I am certainly not going to overlook Harry's appeal. The magical elements define the HP series, but Harry has always had a great heart to do good as well, even in the face of intimidating odds. In the preview, I heard Daniel Radcliffe echo Harry's words "I did not expect any one to die for me." I am not sure if that phrase appear in the film series, but what an amazing phrase. I know who I would die for, but to see a human character have so much understanding and empathy in a dire situation was refreshing...and made me want to see the last film even more.

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