Thursday, February 25, 2010

For the Love of the Movies

Coverage of the upcoming Academy Award always catches everyone's interest in some form every year. I always get fun, exciting feeling before the awards, hosting parties, and somehow sharing the experience with others because I have such a large love of movies. Making my own movies transfers into our family home movies now and learning programs like iMovie and MovieMaker. I've also decided to put several of my personal screenplay ideas into short story/treatment form and work with ideas/storyboards mapped out on our basement wall. It's a process where I want God's plans to come through not mine. With the emerging "Christian" film scene (Fireproof and the upcoming Courageous), my existing knowledge and experiences, especially in college plus some great amateur movies with my brothers, I'm still on path where these talents can be used for God's good in some type of media ministry or finished production. With added love and support from my family, I'm so excited right now. Early in my life, I thought a screenwriting nomination at the Academy Awards would be the ultimate goal for me, but the process is ongoing. The writing/visualization process never seems to end for me, so movies are a constant guide for all my work, profession and other problem solving challenges. As I grew older, it was easier to jettison the cliches, stereotypes, and fluff thanks to great life experience (there is no substitute). It's great to watch movies, but like sports, I'd much rather being doing them myself than watching them. :-)

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