Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Hijinx

Media exchanges for the things "we really want" seem common, but can we remember what we got last year? The exchange of items fascinates me this year. It's been on my mind a lot, particularly the negative connotations like in the Verizon vs. AT&T "3G" commercials. Cell phone coverage has many practical uses and comes down to the argument - does it work for me when I need it? Oh, that chart isn't as big, so Verizon must be better. No need to read that fine print on the commercial, which I can't read that quickly any way (unless recorded)...but wait, AT & T has postcards all over their map, so it looks like they cover enough. Right?

I don't even understand what 3G means yet (research opportunity :-) or the other territorial issues, so I'm able to view this "feud" more objectively as a non-user. Other companies like Sprint aren't being considered. It's just the biggest companies duking it out on the airwaves because they can afford it. An example of how media influence still matters. If consumers exuded some common sense, then the issue may not exist. Also, once video becomes more common on the Web and computer hardware can handle it, then these battles can be waged for a lower cost in cyberspace.

Exchanging for the Bigger Better Deal (BBD) hasn't changed much. Consumers are still playing the same ol' game. Companies are willing to go to great lengths to vy for customers. Why can't some of that energy go towards commonality or making a proven technology standard. For example, standard USB media would be great for everything. No more adapters. No more unnecessary junk...and more meaning and energy devoted towards more useful activities like helping are fellow man in practical, tangible ways.

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