Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Meaning

Spring usually means more "healthy" activity in society. The consensus is usually outdoor activities, getting out of the house and exercise. Wii Fit and other fitness games released in the winter/early spring counteract this feeling we have to get out of "cabin fever" and get back in the active groove.

Media can enhance our life, but how do we find the right balance with the very media pointing in every direction? Choice. It basically comes down to choice. We filter through everything that's thrown at us then decide what's best for ourselves. It's good to have good interests in mind during this filtering of concepts.

Strategies for Empirical Research in Writing, really help me understand many concepts. I am very used to library-based research and didn't really have a firm concept on empirical research. It is much more meaningful to create your own research about a certain topic, especially in written communication, instead of reviewing other people's work and not putting it in to practice.

“When one knows this theory in an area, one has a foundation for evaluating choices.”

The concept of lore has been increased in my life exponentially during my ears of experience. In the past, I had the knowledge and skills, but not the theoretical knowledge to first establish what would necessarily work and what would not. Secondly, and more importantly, to evaluate and justify my choice for a certain type of communication. The wisdom I have gained through people willing to help in show me why certain communications projects have succeeded or fail has been indispensable. It has not been the number of times I have failed; it has been what I have done from those failures.

Life's work is continuing to build on my lore and my reasoning for taking certain actions, it's just a matter of having the confidence emotionally and psychologically within the given communication field. When we decide for others maybe our choices change as well. We can make more informed, selfless decisions that make life fuller and more meaningful. Taking the labels that others' make and making your own informed decisions can help make your media choices mean much more.

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