Friday, January 16, 2009

Positive Media

Nintendo's new video game Wii music will soon be incorporated into school programs! This amazing game has accomplished an important goal - bridging the gap between remediated media and the real thing!

The Dance Dance Revolution video game series and other games have been incorporation into school programs and youth sports in the past. Kids can learn in more than one way through media and enjoy the process.

This opportunity, strengthened by the Wii's unique, active control system could lay the groundwork for other developers to follow suit. Some have already capitalized on combinations of the current negative and positive in recent games.

Today there was also negative media stories out there including the recent closing of Circuit City stores and the more than 3000 people who will be looking for work or other opportunities.

Yes, there are other stores out there who will sell media, but whole chain closing even after bankruptcy filing demonstrates that the flailing economy continues to affect people in this country.

Some former Circuit City workers will turn to some of the very products they sold for comfort, relaxation and other positive benefits.

Isolation through media is definitely a factor to be considered in the current climate. People can retreat to their gadgets and gizmos when the real world does not appeal to them.

Reaching out to people through, and others can also comfort and relax while providing positive benefits for people on both ends.

The "one way" games you play for yourself then shut off might have statistics or personal records and online games can have social benefits through two way communication. Time seems even more valuable now as our citizens cry out for help and grace.

Keep track of your media time this week and see who it benefits. Stay warm in your hearts. In dealing with the cold...try to be bold and never be help others at every turn.

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