Monday, May 19, 2008

Indiana Jones!!

those two words alone can evoke so many memories... the John Williams score, the crack of the whip and Harrison Ford's familiar attire. This installment addresses the Cold War, McCarthyism, mind control and aliens. I'm looking forward to seeing it Wednesday night and hope the realistic special effects and unpredictable plots continue. The film debuted at the Cannes film Festival Sunday. One of the quotes from Harrison Ford caught my interest. He basically described his stance regarding critical feedback on his films. "I suppose it would be interesting, but I don't read reviews," Ford told Reuters. "I don't want to believe the bad stuff and I don't want to believe that good stuff. It doesn't really matter."

That phrase really sticks - It doesn't really matter....It doesn't really matter. Is he saying I'm irrelevant as a film reviewer? No. Film reviewers can represent an "educated" audience, only because they see films on a more regular basis. (I do wonder if at least part of that filmmaking team, or more likely the studio Paramount, compiles all the reviews and feedback then compares that information with their own notes, marketing campaign, etc.)

Reviewers also see films for free. I have tried locally but most nearby places won't give me passes. So I like to get my money's worth just as much as the next person.

Ford has to hear some feedback, but it's a controlled environment - his own private reviewers if you will ( colleagues, producers, cast and crew, etc.) plus people he might see at big public events who might give him a few bits of feedback, but nothing detailed.

In the end, Ford boils everything down to personal preference, which represents a simple life vision that I try to live by. People can say what they want about you and you can care what they say, but in the end the only thing that really matters is the relationship between you and God. You know what you do and sometimes can remember what you have done and can envision where you might be going, but God knows all. What better collaborator could you have on life's path? It doesn't really matter...the "it" represents all that hype and superfluous action surrounding our own actions, which can easily prevent progress.

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